[MyL5] Librem 5 thoughts

They were a lot easier to grasp too. Not in small part because they tended to be cleartext, and could therefore be easily examined. While part of me kind of misses those innocent times, most of me is pretty glad we’re phasing that stuff out. :wink:

My favourite part though: RFCs. A term that nowadays means different things to different people or in different contexts. But to anyone who was online and took an interest in Internet technology back in the day it only means one thing: specifications for open protocols designed to keep the Internet interoperable. What happened to those? :frowning:


I think the point was … an old and stable protocol has given every client plenty of time to add the necessary support and even a brand new from-scratch client can grab an open source implementation to get started with.

Mind you, IMAP is more painful than most with its asynchronous, multi-threaded model - as well as other rich functionality.

They still exist, but overgrown their efficiency. if you look in WG meetups they’re like - we didn’t manage to meet formally therefore didn’t manage to discuss anything. Same agenda for the next meeting. bang.

JMAP may be the way of the future here, particularly for mobile devices. It seems to be gaining a bit of traction outside of Fastmail now.

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@chrisspen I’m curious, now after almost a year, did you follow the updates, or would you now give it another try? Byzantium, a OS-upgrade is around the corner and brings some more improvements.