Mysterious additional login screen at startup

I get this login screen shown for 2 seconds before the phone finally arrives at the “proper” login screen.
Does anyone have this phenomenon?
How can I get rid of it?
or better: What’s going wrong here?


When it happened on my Librem 5 USA, I had just installed GNOME Tweaks. I suspect the behavior has to do with installing GNOME packages that are not mobile-optimized.

You add gdm to your installation. Not sure if you can just uninstall it to solve it. Search the Forum for gdm and you may find an answer. Your Phone is like a Linux Desktop PC. I think you install something additional that add gdm to its dependencies, like some gnome package?

Hope it will get you some steps further…



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Thanks for the GDM tip - there are quite a few posts.
This one contains the solution to the issue.