New librem 5 wifi cable broken

I purchased the new SparkLAN WiFi Module but the cables in my phone are not long enough to connect to the one on the right and I broke the connector on the cable.

I need to find a replacement cable with the two female connectors. The cable should be 110 mm long.

Does anyone know a place to purchase the cables with the connectors?

AT10-110001-01 WiFi antenna connectors

I believe the instruction with the Sparklan card is to reroute one of the cables and swap them around, they are equivalent so it doesn’t matter which one goes into which port on the card, that’s probably why you broke the cable.


Yeah, this was not called out on the blog or the product page.

Yeah that would have been good for you to see before you started. Sorry to hear.

Email support, they’ll sell you a perfect replacement. Or check what kind of connector is on the other end too and search for instance eBay for ipex4/mfh4 cables (like:

Thank you @JR-Fi that really helps!

This is the part number at Digikey for a 100mm cable that has the Librem5 IPEX MHF4L to IPEX MHF4L cable for WIFI or cellular cables.

Digikey Part number 17-1-2016698-2-nd for $2.05 each

Cable Assembly Coaxial IPEX MHF4L to IPEX MHF4L 1.13mm OD Coaxial Cable 3.937" (100.00mm)


“I believe the instruction with the Sparklan card is to reroute one of the cables and swap them around”

I swapped the cables (cable connected to left pin, is now connected to right pin, and vice versa) but the card is not recognized. No configuration option in the config app.

Where can I find instructions on how to change the card?

How old is your phone? (delivered when?)

Do you need to create the firmware jail? Have you done so?
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I checked


it is empty. I will follow the instructions given here

to install the firmware jail.

It is not a matter of swapping the cables, but of routing the too short cable differently so that you can use its full length, right?

I purchased this and found that the cable is too wide to fit in the case grooves, and as should have been obvious from the top post, it’s too short.