New Post: Anbox on the Librem 5

It will not help against fingerprinting:

This is exactly what Tor Browser is doing:


yeah but with TOR Browser if you change anything in their COC you can get ZUCC-ed either way … TOR Browser is a good idea if you use a window-manager that is minimal and non-tiling so it’s harder to resize the window by mistake :sweat_smile:

or just TAILS and hope you do NOT massage anything you shouldn’t …

Or just use Whonix and do whatever you want with a very low chance or revealing your IP.

@david.hamner, can you share the command list / Steps to install Anbox on PureOS?

Anbox camera passthrough?

You should wait for the camera to work even on PureOS itself. :smile: I guess easier installing of Anbox is one of the next little goals for Purism. The Anbox related things are not developed by them.


Thanks @dos. This will be one of the first things I do when I get mine.

There is already an Android driver for the rear camera, can it be use in anbox with an hardware pass-through?

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Drivers are not universal (in most cases) and are hardware specific. I doubt very much that Anbox comes bundled with camera drivers that work for all hardware.

Put simply, Anbox is not the droids you’re looking for.

But Anbox on the Librem 5 is awesome.

That’s not what I’m saying.
There are versions of the android kernel that integrate driver for the rear camera sensor of the Librem 5:

Anbox, like other virtual machine, doesn’t come with android, you have to had and image.

Ahh, so you are asking if Purism have a working Android camera driver?

Neither do I!
This driver already exists (see previous message). They talk about it in the dedicated git:

I’m wondering if this driver is usable with Anbox via a custom android kernel or if the camera driver needs to be integrated into the Librem 5’s linux kernel before.

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The Librem5 uses the same camera as the Samsung A20e.


This I did not know.

Suddenly this line of questioning makes a ton of sense.


Android camera drivers use a different camera management system, so the Android driver cannot be used as a base for the mainline Linux driver.

If the question is about passthrough of just the camera device to some emulator and then using a driver in the emulator, then… yeah, no. The camera is not connected over PCI or USB, so any kind of passthrough would require a special driver. I haven’t heard of MIPI-CSI passthrough, so you can be fairly sure that the camera is going to be supported natively before any such solution appears.


Thank you good sir, for shedding some light on this subject. I get that for some the camera is very important, but for me it is the absolute bottom of the pile. Just knowing that the hardware is there and will be implemented one day is more than enough.


I will gladly test it when I have my L5 and camera is implemented

I will also test integration via anyone’s suggestions. It’s the only thing keeping me carrying an Android phone.

Once I can do stable passthrough though qemu, I will be sure to share how I did it, and I will gladly ditch my Android devices :smiley: