New Post: DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit: Apple Sells Access to iOS End Users to Google!

@rexmlee has written a new blog article for Purism.

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@rexmlee I think the article says “default browser” where should be “default search engine”.


Not think, it simply is.

I miss @Kyle_Rankin more with each passing article; the quality of the ones produced now have gone drastically downhill since they left. I have no interest reading the blog articles anymore, including the ones from @david.hamner.

I only post these articles in the community forums so others can have clean links without appended Matomo Campaign Tracking URL parameters.


You may think it’s an error but Google doesn’t. :wink:

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Looks as if it has been fixed now.

Err, wait… Is Purism criticising Apple for receiving huge financial payouts from Google for the default search engine, while also shipping Firefox on the Librem 5 even though Firefox is maintained via the funding of the same huge payouts from Google?

I don’t necessarily see a problem here. The world is as it is. You can only change so much of it at a time!

In fact, the preferred web browser is Gnome Web (aka Epiphany) but I don’t think either web browser works “perfectly enough” on the Librem 5 to be used exclusively.

Also, technically it is the DoJ criticising Apple. The DoJ could in theory criticise Firefox (Mozilla) on the same grounds, in the sense that Google (Chrome) and Mozilla (Firefox) are competitors but Google is funding Mozilla in a major way.

The fact is that Google dominates far too many areas of tech.

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