New Post: Pureos 10 (Byzantium) Snapshot: June 2021

Byzantium continues to march closer to its release for the Librem 5 with UI changes and new apps being worked on:


Where can I find more about this progress on support for more m.2 wireless cards?

There is a typo :wink:

a log tap now takes you to settings.

Checking out the stream app. Where does it get it’s videos from? Does it avoid things like youtube or does it anonymize it somehow?

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Looking great. Love the features.

I’ve been testing Byzantium for a few weeks now. The biggest annoyance i have is the occasional graphical artifacts in Firefox. Anyone know if that issue is being tracked somewhere?

Yes, I will be experimenting with WiFi 6 cards, but if they can save me some time, even better.


Not only that, but is there progress on more cellular wireless cards or just wifi cards or both? I’m really hoping someone can’t point me in the right direction here.

Not that I am impatient or anything :wink: and understanding keenly how schedules sometimes aren’t met but do you have any rough target for that release e.g. next calendar year? this calendar year? CYQ3?

Do you get the same with Epiphany?

Don’t know where things are at with hardware acceleration, which could impact that issue.

“With a bit of css, you can completely customize just about every aspect of the keyboard’s appearance.”

Nice. Pretty much takes care of this, right?

No I don’t experience the same with Epiphany, but the performance of Epiphany is so bad that I don’t ever use it. I have tried both the PureOS version as well as the flatpak.

It’s certainly not snappy performance. I’m hoping that when Byzantium is released, Epiphany will use hardware acceleration and give reasonable performance. (I’m only using Epiphany on the Librem 5.)

No, not really. You can change the style, not the logic.

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Maybe this helps: My squeekboard terminal layout. It was easy

So possibly style and layout are relatively easy to adjust.