New Post: Taking Stock of Librem 14

next stop. librem raspberry pie’s. will also buy those in a heart beat.

Quick update: we’ve updated the Librem 14 lead time and shortened it to 4 weeks now, in response to how quickly we are catching up with the remaining Librem 14 backlog. That’s a conservative estimate to factor in our holiday office shutdown at the end of the year, but there’s a good chance that an order placed now could actually ship before the end of the year based on our current pace.


The all black colored of L14 it looking Elegant and Fancy.
But i wanted too the librem 14 with a silver colored and black keyboard plus a button-hks to enable the UART serial output to 3.5 mm jack or pogos-pins-without-hks. @Kyle_Rankin @MrChromebox