Nextcloud partnership status?

Purism proudly announced a partnership with Nextcloud early in the process. Since then it has gone quiet. Now I do not even see Nextcloud mentioned in “fund-your-app”. Am I missing something?

Can someone from purism comment on the status / plans for Nextcloud on the librem 5? Is this partnership active?

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The question has just been discussed here.

I’m using nextcloud in gnome accounts for syncing calendar and contacts to and from a mobile running mobian. Works like on the desktop.

Mobian is mobile debian and PureOS is debian based.

There are two ways that functionality goes into PureOS:

  1. developed by Purism and probably upstreamed to Debian
  2. developed by Debian contributors and being included in PureOS with updates

If you’d really need to test your use case, you could use the qemu image.

I guess the rest of it is a bit of marketing chee-chee.


The way I read that announcement doesn’t have me thinking about the Librem 5, but rather as a dropbox like solution that gets added to the Librem One services suite.

I believe that is still in the works, but just hasn’t been given any kind of priority as it is full speed ahead with the L5 and L14.

Thanks ChriChri,

Somehow with a partnership I expected both Purism and Nextcloud to make an effort to deliver an experience that is easy to install, works well and is pretty complete.

In the link you added (thanks) I read various community hacks and adaptions of the desktop app that go some way to make it possible, but not a smooth app fit for the L5 screen. It is great that the community can do this, but rather different than a product organised / made by a partnership.

If the partnership is not active anymore and purism thinks people should pay to get a better app, I would have hoped they would at least mention it with the fund-your-apps.

With or without partnership or further news about it - maybe what you’re looking for is already there.

PureOS on the Librem5 is just the same PureOS running on my desktop. Differences are that there is a different keyboard (on-screen if not connected external) and that the screen is a lot smaller which makes a lot of applications quiet unusable without adaptation for mobile use.

My nextcloud experience on Mobian (see above why this matters) has been the same as on my PureOS desktop: Configure nextcloud account, use calendar and contacts.