No more ethernet port?


Miaden, are you saying that the adapter I just purchased is not necessary to safely use internet? I thought that wifi is not safe, even though there is a kill switch… I just emailed you because my wired internet server is not working on my librem…


I am curious to know if there is a Purism endorsed ethernet port to buy? I do need one for my 15" librem as well and am looking for recommendations.


Purism stand for freedom/libre computing standards. do non tech savy people deserve freedom ? no - they should feel left out and seek shelter under the warm sun of walled off gardens.

moving on.

about the ethernet port issue. what is the situation on the L15v3 (mine is the latest 5th batch) ? it has an onboard pcie nic for wired ethernet connection but not an rj-45 port on the side of the chasis ? is it 10/100/1000 ?

later edit: confusion between Librem 15 fifth batch and Librem 15v5. thought that the “v” at the end stands for the batch number not the version. i suppose there couldn’t have been 5 versions in such a small amount of time. so yeah v3 is the latest at this moment.


We are considering RJ-45 port for the next models (v4).


I would like to second the general feedback expressed here about the lack of an ethernet port. This seems like an odd decision for something that is marketed as a desktop replacement (librem 15).

Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing the space used by one USB port in order to have an RJ45 connector and built-in, “real”, convenient ethernet.

I wouldn’t miss the extra USB port because when at home I have on the desk a small USB hub for external keyboard and mouse anyway (makes it faster to disconnect and go, if nothing else).

Four USB ports is still a reasonable spec for this size of laptop.


I dont see RJ45 port in v4 aswell. Appreciate if you know the reason & can share with us



hello, i would like to use ethernet on my librem 15 , which usb3 ethernet adapter is recommended that anyone has used and what is the summary of the drop in security if using such a device


This post here Terrible WiFi performance with Librem13, Librem15 talks about one such adapter that apparently works well and gives good performance.


great thx , i will order one of that type


Just to confirm the adapter operates perfectly