No phone ever shipped? Where are the Librem 5 phones?

So there are only 2 prototypes out there, the silver one and the black.
Todd Weaver showed them the guy called “the linux gamer” and lunduke, the guy who wanted the tell us the phones are out there. I think they can’t ship the phones without a delay maybe there will a new release date cause the need to want until they have more money :frowning: What do you think? Can someone real tell us that he got his one phone in his hands?

Shipping to non-purism-enmployees has been started two days ago.

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And why there are no videos? pics and and and

Because shipments take time to travel, and just because the window opened doesn’t mean shipments actually go out at the start of the window.

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If shipments are going internationally then shipments also need to get through customs, with associated payment of taxes and charges.

they aren’t addressing the community’s concerns tho… like why dont we know anything

Probably because you haven’t read the blog posts or your email if you pre-ordered. If you follow the blog posts or Twitter you’d know that Birch is in the shipping window. If you pre-ordered you would have gotten an email last week saying your estimated batch, even if it was Evergreen.


i read the blog posts. I got emails. if you havent noticed the community doesn’t know ANYTHING about the librem yet the forum and reddit are blowing up with questions and we have no transparency. Purism hasn’t filed fcc certification yet!

Please forgive my terrible meme making skills.


That’s funny but do we know if anyone has gotten a phone?

Yes - we do know, that no phone has been received by a non-purism employee, until now! :slight_smile:

we don’t even know that tho. no one has ever answered questions cough Bryan Lunduke there’s speculation Todd took a picture of him with a phone and took them with him.

2019-10-23 Supplying the Demand

we made the decision to move those backers to Birch and deliver the rest of Aspen to developers and staff.


Ohhhh okay, so it’s chestnut batch or bust for me then.

slaps forehead … lol

As well as the time to travel during shipment, if I got an L5, my first reaction wouldn’t be to post on here.

I’d get the phone set up and actually enjoy my product then after a little usage I’d write up what I thought ect.

Not all people are like you :slight_smile: everyone is different :wink: and there a lot of people every launch who post this right away on youtube etc

It was merely an explanation for why we may have to wait for people to post about the handset they got.

Nor are they like you :wink:

“A lot” is a very vague amount. If you’re saying 0.001% is a lot that may be true, though I think that’s more than the percentage of people whom receive the Librem 5 that will post about it on YouTube and probably more than will post about it online at all.

Assuming shipments started at 8AM Friday, and a 3-5 day shipping window then deliveries for continental US should start this week, likely after 2PM local time and as late as 10PM local time. This is based on averages as I haven’t seen details on the precise shipping method.

Since I have seen 2 different people announce they are in Birch and announce they will post about it, we can reasonably estimate that they responded promptly to the shipping verification email and I believe I saw at least one of them say they are in the continental US that would give a best case of them receiving it today and a more reasonable case of later this week.

This would be a very optimistic timeline, and makes what I think most people would agree are reasonable assumptions with the one exception of assuming our two known people would be shipped out day one, they may not get their devices shipped out until later in the shipping window as we don’t know where precisely in that shipping window they fall.

TLDR people have said they’ll post about it and they’re in this batch, wait until the end of this batch to see if those people post again.


Please, there is every time a guy who want to be first :wink: