Not possible to enable DRM content streaming in Firefox

Looks like that this only counts for the 32-bit hard-float ARMv7: "aarch64 ChromeOS uses 32bit userspace. For Debian that corresponds to the armhf port."

EDIT: “- Notify user that ARM64 needs 32-bit userspace

Hi Quarnero,

i think still its about extraction of data, cause the Browser with its DRM and the usage of Streaming Netflix, is still some kind of a big Blob. Usual folks will not compile or set up some extra near Nil personal Data usage Browser. to watch some one Film or log in for Netflix and so on.

Personal i think about it like use your Tablet or TV to watch… and hope there is no Camera with I.A. behind the Screen, and try to disassemble the Internet connection of that Device.

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If you take my approach from another perspective, right to have another choice might be taken away (if it isn’t taken away already, as mentioned in my earlier post here, even if this act called or even managed to be implemented through democratic methods/laws). And although here about another subject, I’ll repeat that I do respect your opinion and indeed learn from you (not from the party offering DRM deal, to myself as yet another end-user).

And as quite correlated, I’ll stop watching Formula 1 anyway (let Sky watch it by themselves, although streaming methods not quite comparable)!

I agree, and to be honest (if this thread about my usage scenario) from my side, only when and if I missed some important content from arte, as very fine and from time to time indeed very important streaming content example, my opendreambox 2.6 Ethernet is enabled (and my 50Hz capable streaming monitor doesn’t have any camera built-in anyway, yet include “regular” 60Hz as optional feature that sometimes needed for my usage scenario, when original content/upload to be streamed from my side to YouTube related, for example).