Not recommended to use a firewall?


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Who is using it?

firewalld is used in the following Linux distributions as the default firewall management tool:

RHEL 7 and newer
CentOS 7 and newer
Fedora 18 and newer
SUSE 15 and newer
OpenSUSE 15 and newer
Available for several other distributions

Applications and libraries which support firewalld as a firewall management tool include:

docker (iptables backend only)

i’m content with it because it’s tightly integrated with NetworkManager


In the category of dynamic firewall rules, fail2ban is excellent. It’s permissive by default, allowing clients to connect from anywhere, but watches various log files (apache/nginx, sshd, dovecot, and so on) for invalid connection attempts and blacklists the originating IP for a configurable length of time.