Nxp i.Mx8 availability

reading this article


“NXP plans sample availability for its first three i.MX 8 processors in Q1 of 2017”

are they late? did you contacted them?

They are late :slight_smile:
We are in contact with several people and sources. Current info is that first i.MX8M will become available to selected (high volume) partners in October/November 2017 and become generally available in Q1 of 2018.

Like I wrote in other threads already, currently no one can say for sure when these will become available and how good the Linux support will be once they show up. We will follow this development very closely and if there is any opportunity for us to use the i.MX8M instead of a i.MX6DL we will definitely do so! But we do not want to commit on this yet as this future is still way too uncertain.



Is the i.MX6DL the current front runner? Why not use the quad cortex A9 instead of the dual core variants?

The issue is that the i.MX6Q has a way too high energy consumption. And since almost all consumed energy is turned into heat it also means that it gets pretty hot too when under load. Using the i.MX8Q we would not be able to create a phone. It might work in a device like a laptop with a large heatsink or even a fan plus a large battery but not for a small 5" to 6" device like a phone. We do not like that either but we also can not ignore it :frowning:


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