Obtain PureOS image iso by torrent?


is there a way to obtain PureOS iso image by way of torrent ?
currently there is only a download button here >> https://pureos.net/download/
torrent is much faster and easier to distribute on the network also gentler on the server.
please make it available for us !

also the date of the latest version should be shown

Version: PureOS 8.0 “Prometheus” Beta 1 - year - month - day (example)

Media size: 1.4 GB

SHA256SUM: File


ok so debian 10 is almost here. would this not be a good time to update the iso image on the website and provide users with a torrent ?


I would prefer a torrent option as well.


debian 10 is here (has been for ~a month) and no news yet regarding a torrent option for PureOS …