Offline for a few years... update needed!

I will try that now.
Should I reset to https prior to reboot or at some other point?
Hope that after I do this I won’t have a new paperweight/doorstop and be writing to you from a different computer, hahaha!

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Oh OK. Never explicitly upgraded apt before so it threw me.

If you’ve successfully upgraded then you should reboot anyway. It won’t matter when you change back to https as long as its before the next update.


Thanks Gavaudan and @Quarnero!
Happy to report that it appears I am making some genuine progress.
After doing a sudo apt full-upgrade, I just checked cat /etc/*-release and it now lists PureOS 9 Amber. This is quite exciting. :smiley:

So, wondering if I should press my luck and proceed with adding Byzantium to sources.list, removing (or disabling) Amber, and then do another sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade?

Or just bask in the glow of this little success for a few more moments, hahaha!

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Keep it going!

Do a system backup before proceeding to Byzantium, just in case.

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