Open Source Games?


Aye, what are your favorite free software games?

Can’t wait to hear your responses!


Some of my favorites:


I also play a lot with free emulators (mostly Dolphin and Higan, a bit of project64 when a game I want to play wasn’t re-released on NGC/Wii) but that doesn’t count as “free software game” and I love Wine+dxvk+Lutris/proton for my proprietary PC games (DRM-free when it’s possible of course) :smiley:


I find Kobo Deluxe extremely compelling:

… but in terms of actual playtime, I’m almost ashamed to say that KDE’s Solitaire game ( takes the top spot by a huge margin.



Highly addictive.

(It’s packaged in PureOS repositories.)


Frozen Bubble. My kids like it too.