PDF of Quick Start Guide for the Librem laptops?

Is there a PDF of the Librem Quick Start Guide? It would be handy to have online documentation of the gestures supported by the multi-touch trackpad with Gnome/PureOS.

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Hi logicprobe,

I’m going to ask a dumb question here, but fortunately, I don’t embarrass easily. I’ve poked around a little bit (perhaps not enough), and I haven’t found a Quick Start Guide online.

I did find a forum post from August Setting up/Configuring Librem PureOS Laptop but it doesn’t mention the trackpad. I should note, also, that the person documenting his setup steps had requirements for non-free software, which is likely atypical for many Librem users.

If you can point me to a web page, I can generate a PDF of that page, and then post a script to generate the PDF, in case the web page is subsequently updated.

  • Clark

Hi Clark,

It’s a printed quick start guide that was included with my recently delivered Librem 13.

I’ll scan it and post it.


there is the default setting,

which is limited, but I also found a GNOME shell extension which provides settings for a much wider set of gestures, but I haven’t tried it myself as I prefer to use an external mouse.

Since my Librem 15v3 is on its way to my office, I also was looking for a user guide, a quick start guide or something similar. It seems to me that there is no such thing.

Please can someone from puri.sm consider to publish one?

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Sorry, stupid question: Does Two-FInger Scrolling work for you? Did you try it? On my Librem15rev2 I never got it to work, only Edge scrolling works for me…

Ther were some forum posts on Two-Fingerscrolling on Librem15rev2, but if i remember they were not conclusive…

yes, it works fine for me…but rarely use it, I got myself a good quality blue laser mouse that I can use on any surface. I got the MX Anywhere 2 which has some of the best reviews.