Pinephone and regional Australia

Thanks for the reply. I will admit that the bands/freq etc are not my strong point, at all, so I am relying on the good will of others to inform me.

I did dig out on the Pinephone wiki that B28 will be covered and I am assuming that this is just what is needed for regional Oz. Without trying to stretch the friendships too much…have I got it right? Or is there more I should be looking for?

I don’t claim to be an expert but … It will depend on where you are and what telco you plan to use.

For Telstra and Optus in decidedly regional areas, you will want 700 (B28). For Vodafone in decidedly regional areas, you will want 850 (B5).

If you are sometimes in more built-up areas then there are other frequencies that you will want for faster internet when in those areas.

Someone did post links to web sites that would enable you to check

  • towers in areas that you are likely to be present in
  • what frequencies are actually in use on those towers

I believe however that that modem covers all the LTE bands in use anywhere in Australia.

(I don’t know about 3G however.)

pinephone is getting release this week? :smiley: i’ve been hoping it would release before the librem 5 as it will have native support for KDE. the librem 5 (if it ever ships) will just become an expensive paper weight

That does not seem a fair comment. If you are genuinely interested to compare the two phones: Comparing specs of upcoming Linux phones

If your comment is legit then wouldn’t you want to cancel your order for the Librem 5?

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I’ve already waited two years and KDE will not be supported initially, so it will have very little use until it has proper support for KDE.

Also I’ve compered specs. There’s one people miss though; an actual phone in my hand

The Pinephone will have two developer releases, meaning the phone is shipped without any OS installed. It will probably be March of 2020 before the Pinephone is shipped with an OS installed and that depends on one of the mobile OS ports (probably UBports) being ready at that time.

If you want KDE Plasma Mobile, you will have to wait for the PostmarketOS port to be finished, and it looks like that team is going to be later, so it will probably be mid-2020 or later.

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The Pinephone goes I sale Friday night about 1900 AEDST. I didn’t know that it will ship without OS but for the money I’m prepared to have a go at installing an OS. I no Linux expert and I know less about phones, but for the money I’m up for it while I wait patiently for my L5.

Thank you for clarifying the bands. I am Telstra so it should be fine for me.

I love a new toy!

A choice quote:

Still, keep in mind that this batch is called Brave Heart for a reason – we’re looking for those brave enough to be the first adopters of this hardware. If bravery is not in your nature, or this isn’t something you’re willing to take a risk on, then please sit this one out and wait until March 2020 to get your production unit.

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Sounds like me. I mean…what could possibly go wrong?

Um…don’t answer that on second thoughts. I’ll still get one though.


Brad, If you get one of the Brave Heart batch, please post about your experience with it.

As I see it, Librem 5 and Pinephone will help each other, because they will bring thousands of new users into mobile Linux, and help establish mobile Linux as a viable alternative to Android and iOS. We need functioning devices that cater to all segments of the market.

At this point, I don’t know if GTK + phosh, Qt + KDE Plasma Mobile, or Qt + UBports Touch is going to become the dominant mobile interface or whether we will have 3 interfaces, but a lot of the software written for one can be adapted to work in the others, so it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day which interface is chosen. With HTML5 apps, it will matter less which interface wins.

Sure. I’ll certainly post my opinion about it, notwithstanding that my technical expertise here is virtually zero. I’ve done ok to get myself to a fairly proficient level with my linux OS’s over the past couple of years so I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’m windows free now so taking the next step on mobile is very appealing.

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It seems as if there is a lot of missing information / information not stated - so I may be missing the point - but if lack of certification of the BM818-T1 is a problem for you with the Librem 5 then you are going to have the same problem with the Pinephone (different LTE module, same problem).

You may have read but it had been reported that Pure aren’t going to offer the T1 variant now after initially indicating that the probability of it being available was “high”. So it may be an academic point now. When Pure support posted that the chance of the T1 being offered was high, I placed my order. They never followed up on their post about this high probability but instead apparently informed another poster that the T1 wasn’t in their plans. Poor communication yet again and something that has been a huge disappointment to me, and a few others no doubt.


My point in this topic is about the Pinephone.

You will have the same problem with the Pinephone.

The Quectel EG25-G is perhaps not certified in the same sense that the Broadmobi BM818-T1 is not certified. (Unclear what telco you are interested in.)

So if you are “brave” and get a Brave Heart batch Pinephone, you may find that it won’t connect to the mobile network and you have a very small tablet that is only WiFi-based.

This is all somewhat speculative though because there aren’t explicit statements anywhere as to what the problem is with the T1 variant.

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I agree. “This ensures devices with EG25-G inside can operate on networks of major global carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Telstra, Vodafone and T-Mobile.” @kieran, to me this sounds promising, but Telstra still have final word on this. Of course all of this needs to be confirmed working on/with Pinephone, but anyway here is link to Deutsche Telekom AG ITS-IVA Certificate as proof that at least one them allows/accepts EG25GGB-256-SGNS on their network. Furthermore Quectel_EG25-G(MINIPCIE)_RCM_Certificate (2019-04-29) exists as well so why not to see this as positive prerequisite for an ACMA certification. And this infocenter news: “Four new LTE-A SKUs join Quectel’s list of Telstra Certified modules.” adds some weight to it but is somehow out of topic here.

@guru, you might take a look at the above link: “two developer releases” from @amosbatto and you’ll find there information you’re looking for.

“can operate” I don’t doubt. I was pointing out that the previously posted Telstra list of supported devices does not include either the module for the Pinephone or the module for the Librem 5. Does that mean that it definitely won’t connect to the mobile network? I have no idea.

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@kieran, you tend to be objective, respect surrounding facts, and that is what counts here. I may with ease say that I am your follower within this forum as your opinions have correct, on the ground, weight to it. Other than you, I just suppose (don’t know at this point of time) that Pinephone (2020 version) might be (well) accepted by Australian networks same way as any other (based on Quectel’s proprietary firmware) phone.
In addition, kind of future projection is pointed out in belonging link above: “the requirements for CE marking based on … and FCC certification are a stable basis for an ACMA certification.” Therefore my point was that such statement may help (to understand) when we expect (before being aware of existing actual/current certification) that particular modem (even being developer edition) might work fine, sooner or later, either with Telstra or on any other telco’s network in Australia. Nothing new here, just trying to explain my standpoint, thanks for your reply!

@Brad an update on this Topic.

We have new developments about this:

I am happy yo announce that we have the BM818-T1 available, more information in the bellow post.

I will close this thread, as there are several threads about the T1 and we would like the debate about these news would happen in one place to make the debate easier.
The thread above