PinePhone Pro just announced (Oct 2021)

no one is buying their products outside this forum, and there’s a reason for that.

For whatever it’s worth, while I have occasionally looked at Purism products over the past 1 and 1/2 years, just last week I made my first purchase from Purism and ordered a Librem 5 USA. I have not been a member of this forum, by the way. Also, I ordered it after I was aware of the announcement of the PinePhone Pro. I’m not defending Purism (certainly not as a fanboy), and maybe I’ll get upset if they don’t ship the L5 USA in 90 days like they claim they will, but I am saying that news of the Librem 5 can get out to people outside this forum.


Current state of things:


That really blows. What’s really bizarre is the auto maker’s even bothering with TV commercials for new car’s that aren’t being made.

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Ahem! The problem is supply (due to labor shortages caused by knee-jerk and immoral workforce restrictions) not demand. The government caused the problem, then blames it on something else. True to form, they will have the only solution – more strangulation of liberty. Wired is playing along.


Could you source this claim? I’ve heard alternative explanations ranging from cryptocurrency boom, automaker’s switching, and natural disasters, so it’s by no means clear that what you’re saying is true.

Political rants are not allowed on this forum. Please don’t go there.

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I could, but I don’t particularly care to. Reason being that I am not the sort of man who parrots the claims of others. I arrived at that conclusion based on reasoning given life experience and data at my disposal. Although I have in fact worked at a rocket research lab, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist (American colloquialism) to think for yourself – it’s built in to human firmware and I highly encourage it.

Having said that, it’s common sense that when labor is short, production falls and prices rise. Record numbers of Americans (over 4 million in September alone; Google “Great Resignation” if you must) are either being squeezed out of, or quitting in disgust, their jobs. This is due to governments implementing World Economic Forum policies intended to bring “The Great Reset”, all the while claiming it is “necessary to fight COVID”. The Chinese are doubling down by cutting off electric power to factories, as well.

Supply Chain Crisis? To paraphrase Alfred E. Newman, “The problem is obvious!”


Thoughtful roundup by TuxPhones:

…although I think his characterization of the Librem 5 dev/support/community base as “medium”-sized is perhaps inaccurate, given the entire PureOS/Debian potential software & development base. (He calls the Pinephone’s dev/support/community base “large.”)


If librem5 get the size benefit of

The wouldn’t the PinePhone get that (mobian) as well as KDE, manjaro, etc. Also from what I’ve seen there’s a decent amount of people waiting on Librem devices buying pinephones not so much the other way.

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Good point about the alternate OS options and the teams behind them.

I wasn’t so much referring to the number of active users, as many users won’t be writing software, but yes, there are more Pinephone users, no doubt.

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