Please GOD Refund me for my Librem Purism

I am dealing with refund since several months, showing in my purism account that I have been refunded. However, I didn’t get any refund. I am trying to deal with the customer service, but I had rude response saying that I got refunded. I am asking now for the transaction details, but I didn’t get any answer yet!
I asked for an escalation number, but same thing no response …!
Can you please explain to me what is going on ? Is it a SCAM ?

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Honestly, there is no alternative to dealing with Purism customer service in order to get this resolved. The community of Purism customers isn’t able to provide refunds :wink: or help you get one.

I am surprised that you are entitled to a refund at all but anyway …

If a refund transaction has occurred but has not worked then Purism would need to escalate through the banking system to trace the transaction - and that can take many, many weeks - and could be even slower if it is an international transaction. Only you know the country in which you are located.

Obviously only you know how you paid for the phone originally, and whether you are getting the refund as a direct reversal to that account, or to a different account, and whether any of your details have changed between now and the date that you originally ordered, which likewise only you know.

No. I have received my phone, as have numerous others.

Edit: PS What product are you talking about? Librem 5? Something else?

I also received a refund on a Librem 14 order. They are honoring their refunds. I don’t know about the Librem 5 though, as I have not cancelled that. I’m still very much looking forward to getting it, and any future iterations of it.

I just confirmed that I have been scammed by Purism. I am not posting this to get a refund from the community, but to let them know that after 8 months of waiting, I didn’t get my money back. The customer service is throwing the ball at my bank, and my bank confirmed that Purism didn’t even respond to them. Purism scammed me over 1000$. They didn’t even provide a number to call or escalate. I strongly advise you. Don’t buy their products.

Then they are very bad at scamming :thinking: because they actually sent to me every items I purchased from them (how incompetent is that from a scammer ?)
Seems to me they are very bad at scamming people, but… maybe they improved their scamming skills with you ! (or maybe… just maybe… it’s a banking issue)

I also applaud to your digging up of a 4 years old post, where you said to someone who got its refund, that he has been scammed :clown_face: :rofl:

Edit: it was a response to a removed comment going like ‘Yes I confirm it, It’s a SCAM’
And the comment I was laughing about was also removed from the 4 years old subject ‘Still waiting on refund from may’


WE, readers of this blog, have been scammed!

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What product are you talking about? Librem 5? Something else?

I ordered my Libram 5 in 2021 Aug and I still didn’t get my Librem 5 yet. They are always telling me the supply got a delivery issue. So decided to refund my order last month, but after 5 weeks passed, nothing happened… They just keep silent, like disappear no reply, no refund, no email…

How can a brand just break its credit just for a $1xxx plus order?!

Hi Purism,
Please refund my order!!!
Order Number: # Purism_3243054713


Until now. still didn’t refund my money!!! and My order was submitted on Aug 2021!!! Now I can confirm that mobile is a scam!!!

If you order your second Librem 5 today might be that they will refund you for the previously ordered one promptly? And I can confirm that when I order something on Aliexpress I still have a few days (but not always) to cancel my order, no big deal at all (it just that I’m shaming on me for what I have done).