Please make the L5 backplate file available

I would like to 3d print a new backplate for my Librem 5. Can the files please be made available to allow for this?


I’d like that aswell, being able to make custom backplates with logos or other ideas would be awesome.


Welcome! Good luck with this – I’ve been asking for CAD files for the phone for years. It’s been a while now, though, so maybe they’ll listen…

@pizza247, What files do you need beyond what is already publicly available?

These files are good for making a case/cover for the phone (thanks for pointing them out, I hadn’t seen that these were available), but they are not CAD files that would allow you to make a replacement back plate (out of stainless steel or aluminum, for example), or to actually replace/modify any of the parts on the phone itself. What is needed are the CAD files that were used to manufacture the parts of the phone itself.

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As @ecs stated, I don’t want files for a case, I want the cad file for the plastic back plate. Other cad files would be cool for the other plastic parts, but I’m specifically interested in the removable plastic back plate that has to get popped of to get to the battery.

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@pizza247, have created an issue report for you:

Please add any additional info if needed there.

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I have up-voted the issue, and requested ALL of the CAD files – I had not thought to ask for them in the context of an issue, hopefully this gets some attention.