Possible basic/low end phone?

The Librem 5 phone looks awesome! Would it be possible though to have a basic/low end/cheaper yet secure option for people who just want talk, mms, but low end everything else?

Disclaimer: Think it’s a little early to be talking about a cost down version of the Librem 5 (or maybe 4?). Let’s see how the Librem 5 ends up, and go from there.

That out of the way, I think that would be great! I don’t know how much BT adds to a phone, but if a Librem device came out with just baseband and wifi, I would really consider getting it. BT is fine. I just don’t use it all that often. No BT and maybe a smaller form factor? I’d be very interested in that phone.

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i’m all in if it has a real keyboard or is addaptable with an add-on over the touch-screen.

I’ve been following the Light Phone II for some time and reached out to that team. I’m told they intend to open source their OS after they get through the release. There aren’t any HW kill switches, but if they do open source it, it could be an interesting basic type of device.

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This is complicated though because “talk” (vanilla voice calls) and SMS/MMS are inherently insecure. The truly security-conscious person would never use either voice calls or SMS/MMS and would instead only ever place data calls and then layer appropriate secure protocols over the mobile broadband connection. So you may need to spell out what functionality you really want.

Nevertheless a “5 Lite” is certainly something to talk about. Talk is easy. It may be better informed once we have the “5” to play with.

Generic wish list topic is here - Your Purism products wish list

My understanding is that the one card does both WiFi and BT. So it would cost money to remove BT, at least in the short term, while developers qualify a WiFi-only card etc.

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it’s probably "hi mom ! i’m okay ! i’ll be back for Christmas ! Love you ! bye ! "

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Join me :smiley: