Power Button Menue

This is more of a poll but who would like to see the power ui software menu popup when pressing the HW power button a medium amount of time say 2-5 sec?

  1. HW button short press, <2s, lock/unlock OR screen ON/OFF (depending on gnome time to lock setting),
  2. medium press, 2s<=x<5s, pwr menu with (lock screen, power off, restart, switch user??? hopefully sometime),
  3. long press >=5s phone power off
  4. when pwr menue in 2. is activated via HW pwr button or via touch/click input, use volume up/down HW buttons to move up and down the menue and HW pwr button short press to confirm;.

Maintain power on current features. The medium press menue would show independent of the status bar, notification bar, and show on lockscreen.

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Everything that does NOT look same like Android or iOS features is fine for Librem 5. :joy:
I like scratch features not cloning.

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The SoC powers down after holding the power button for about 5 seconds, so you can’t really make the software react to it in any way. That still allows for a power menu on a medium press, but I don’t know whether it’s part of the designs.

For what it’s worth, the kernel driver for the power button has only been fixed to be able to detect longer presses last month, so let’s give it some time :smiley:


changed my mind on the long press items, instead remap volume and pwr button to control menu once medium long press menu pops up 8)!

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