Preventing shipment interception, providing hardware integrity verification


This document mentions that it must all be done on the Librem machine in question. Assuming the Librem in question is compromised, would the new coreboot image generated not then also potentially be compromised?

Since 2 months ago, no more replies to this important question. Did you receive any info from Purism themselves?


But it should also involve the firmware (and potentially hardware) of the TPM, the CPU, especially the IME, the SPI, embedded controllers and other), as anz of those might compromise you. In other words you would have to replace pretty much the entire system: There is no way to be really sure your laptop is not compromised (you could of cause assume, that an attacker would nt bother to compromise anything deeper than your BIOS or OS and just reflash/reinstall those).


I agree and found the solution provided me to be inadequate. I also found it to be the best reasonable immediately available solution among those recommended to me.

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2 questions:

  1. Anyone knowing if also mobile phones have been tampered with while crossing border?

  2. Anyone experience of bringing a laptop from the US to Europe on own travel? I surely would have to specify that I am bringing a laptop for the import country’s customs, but do the US custom check what is leaving their country?