Private Internet Access integration into Librem products


On a side note, as it is not related to the thread’s topic but since you mentioned ProtonVPN:
I would have my concerns about ProtonVPN, as there is/was a debate going on, if there service is operated by the same guys that operate NordVPN, which is in fact a big data/ data mining company.

YT combinator (PIA’s CEO is the first to discover links between ProtonVPN, NordVPN and Tesonet and started the discussion)


I can only put 2 links in one post, so i had to split up my original post:

Articles by vpnscam


Reddit threads

Other sources (disclaimer: covered by a competitive VPN company)

Maybe you find that interesting.


I read everything I could about this. Thanks for sharing! WTF! They set out to make a secure email and added VPN later. They didn’t know about the politics and I honestly believe they didn’t want this. Like they said, low budget. but yeah it looks really bad. The guy who entered the certificate worked for Nord and a one time deal. It looks bad. My issues with PIA remain. They are based in USA and fall under USA laws. If they moved to say Iceland, hell yes! I will go back to PIA! Perfect combo! My rights of that country and PIA values.
I am on the fence with this one. Why would a company that values security intentially farm data or is it that they messed up with lack of experience and it looks worse than it is? We aren’t talking about Google here or Facebook or Apple. We are talking about a very small company that is like Purism that started secure emails.
FYI I was with PIA before Proton. Only negative is the laws of the land. USA laws.


for me VPNs are worth it ONLY if they make proof of full freedom respecting infrastructure (software + hardware ) and if they manage to do that they are only good for bypassing region restrictions (for me at least - the rest is just another thing to pay monthly - no thanks )


How can they prove it? They could easily change their configuration after an audit to log users, or worse.


my point exactly - i was just willing to give them the benefit of the doubt …