Pure MINI-PC preorder campaign


I’ve just wanted (somehow, perhaps just by wording) to upscale output to 2160p60 (2160p50 preferred to be inclusive, as accustomed in most content cases here in Europe), nothing else. Anyway and not having any further comment, some time ago I’ve stumbled to this article:

I’m almost sure you’ll understand my general concerns (when fruitful delights are somewhere to stay) even though it might be that I don’t need to watch (stream from …) poor proprietary content (losing my time by expecting that some quality content/message comes out) at all. Yet, if there is some optional choice or way, when reaching out for ethical or any other particular delights, to avoid CEC, EME W3C specification, DRM, etc., please let me know.


The new mini is really tiny which is beautiful but also has two impacts due to the small height:

  1. Extendability (eg. additional SSD)
  2. Thermal limitations (cooling required for less noise under heavy CPU load)

I know this from the Intel NUK series where I preferred to by the case with more height (H versions AFAIR).

So: Is there a realistic chance to offer another (higher) case?

PS: Thanks to listening to our (=clients) wishes - a small and secure desktop replacement was always on my list


For Steam I might be in for the pre-order. Doesn’t look to be aimed for that purpose though. Any chance of having the card upgraded for full rendering 3D games ?


Due to the diminutive size and the un-blob like nature of dedicated GPUs, what you’re asking for is not possible. At least not with the mini PC here.


Thanks for the quick reply. I guessed as much, too bad as it could have been a good option.


There’s also thermal management to be considered.

I would rather say “not realistic” than “not possible” but then neither of us speaks for Purism. :slight_smile:

What about an external GPU connected via USB-C? I still think that might be a blob problem though.