PureBrowser vs Firefox


The next best thing I can recommend from PureBrowser is Waterfox, which is a fork of Firefox that removes the telemetry.


I did type in yay -Q purebrowser and nothing came up. yay is a AUR helper.


Waterfox still hasn’t updated to quantam


Oh sorry I made a mistake in understanding.

Ok so I installed this.

How do I do this (I am still new to GNU/Linux so I have minimal understanding)?


Waterfox Current is using Quantum though is considered in testing.


If I get Quantam, then would it be some old outdated version of the first Quantum version of Firefox, or would it be the current version of Firefox’s Quantum?

Also does Firefox actually invade people’s privacy?


Ok, so now you’ll need to build the package using dpkg-source. Download all the files from the DEB referenced repo (dsc, tar.gz and tar.xz) and do
dpkg-source -x build-dir
dpkg-source -b build-dir

there’s quite substantial list of build dependencies though so I don’t think it will be that simple. Not sure why it’s not pre-built there. Maybe someone with PureOS can extract his pre-built version from the cache to avoid pulling all the builddeps and have only native runtime deps and do force-install


No, not invade, it just doesn’t respect it. Eg when you type something in your address bar whatever you are typing is sent to search engine for context search to give you hints. so if you type the address of your home file storage - google or ddg will know it :slight_smile:


Right but you can change it


In addition Mozilla adds some telemetry to Firefox. This is tricky to remove.


In regards to eagle question - if one uses the Startpage.com since you are not typen into firefox? Or does it not work that way?


Telemetry are build into web pages these days, and do not use firefox because do have telemetry (that can be disabled even from user) to use something that do not have any kind of addon that is needed in 2020 to browse the web with privacy and secure, it’s something i do not understand. You do a lot of work for pure os and librem5 to give us freedom and privacy, and it’s no sense to drop firefox, it’s not really an issue for pc because everyone could just install firefox or whethever he like, but on librem5 where UI it’s a things i whould like to have a secure browser.
I think epiphany should come into the game only when firefox addons will be fully compatible, not before, because right now as you already know a javascript loaded from the web could exploit an entire device if it use a kind of 0 day, i.e. bnrowse the webn without no script it’s a no way for me, but there are also a lot of other things, like ublock origins for trackers, decentraleyes for cdn a canvas spoofer/blocker an user agent switcher, https everywhere, css exfill protection, prevent tabs opened by a hyperlink from hijacking the previous tab by adding the rel=noopener and so on.

Everyone know that security and privacy are not a rock, but it’s more like a chain, you can have the most stronger chain in the universe, but if one ring is made by alluminium your chain will be broke and every other efforts will become useless.

That’s why i hope you will revert your decision or you will work to make a compatibility layer with firefox addons for epiphany


So are any solid solutions in the works or does anyone have any solid and working browser replacements for Firefox? I’ve been using it mostly for the password syncing and given that sync works fine on Pure Browser I have my same suite of addons as well (mostly script and ad blockers along with a tool for image boards).

On my LineageOS phone I just use a modified FireFox called Fennec from the F-Droid repo.