PureOS 10 update

Will Librem laptops be automatically updated to PureOS 10 from PureOS 9, or do I need to reinstall everything?

I’m almost certain I read that they were working on this, but am not finding a reference to it (probably my search criteria).

They do seem to be encouraging people to upgrade:

I tried to upgrade a few months ago and ran into issues:

With holidays approaching, I’m hoping to give it another try in the next few days.

This might have been what I was thinking of (from 9/13), note the second sentence:

Thanks a lot, I think I’m just gonna wait for the “official” upgrade instructions, I also posted this question on Reddit and I now know that they are building a specific tool for this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Purism/comments/qxg0r1/comment/hlac3tt/

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