PureOS Crimson Is STABLE Not Rolling

I thought that pureos is rolling release because some of user here are saying that. but when i check pureos crimson its packages is base on stable branch not testing i also check the differences version of keepassxc in stable and testing. and i confirm that pureos is stable not rolling.

Here it is the link of latest crimson packages: https://downloads.pureos.net/crimson/gnome/2024-03-24/pureos-11~devel-gnome-live-20240324_amd64.packages

I really want pureos for my daily driver desktop but i dont want the outdated like stable i know it also receive update and security but not compare to testing. the testing is good for stability and latest version than stable. i really know that pureos use testing but i check all the versions of crimson packages it is stable. and it is disapointing.


If you are looking for more of a rolling release, you can check out postmarketOS. They have images for the Librem 5.

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PureOS is split into two releases.

Hmm byzantium is obsolete than stable. I always check all of its packages even on software store. and crimson on my opinion is stable it follows stable upstream

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Ohhh interesting but theres no official statement about these two releases

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Sure, since you seem new to the Purism community, I will inform you that official statements or status updates from Purism are very limited due to various historical reasons. You can try asking Purism support for official statements or answers, but I cannot guarantee you will receive one.


A more precise label for the releases would be that Byzantium is the "current"ly supported release and Crimson is the under active “developlent” release.

Naming them “stable”/whatever based in the labeling of the Debian release they are forks of does not accurately reflect the current state of the forks themselves.


I had to search a bit for official statements, and found this:

The following blog post mentions that Byzantium is based on Debian Bullseye (the current Debian oldstable):

And this blog post mentions that Crimson is based on Debian Bookworm (the current Debian stable):