PureOS repository not updating?

For a few days now, I haven’t been seeing any updates in the PureOS repository, http://repo.pureos.net/pureos/. Has something changed? I understood it to be a mildly curated version of Debian unstable, which changes constantly; did something change?

Probably related is that Debian Bullseye released on August 14. Did PureOS switch from the unstable branch to the stable, bullseye, branch?

Thank you!

Here you can find some information on the topic.


Thanks! Sorry I missed the earlier thread. But I’m concerned about the many missing security updates.

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If you know your way around apt and pinning a bit you could use the debian bullseye repository for updates until the PureOS repository is fixed. In my post I quoted most of my configuration. But please be aware: this is not something officially supported by Purism and I do not have the time to support you in case it doesn’t work as you expected.

If you do it right there should more or less be a dozen packages being updated from bullseye updates.

@dpt I notice that your repository URL is not https. In my /etc/apt/sources.list the line is:

deb https://repo.pureos.net/pureos/ amber main

I’ve been getting security updates regularly. Also, you might not be including all the repositories. Here is my /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb https://repo.pureos.net/pureos/ amber main
deb-src https://repo.pureos.net/pureos/ amber main #Added by software-properties
deb https://repo.pureos.net/pureos/ amber-security main
deb https://repo.pureos.net/pureos/ amber-updates main

Did that help?

PureOS has never been based on Debian unstable. PureOS 9 (Amber) is based on Debian Buster, which has been Debian stable from 2019-07-07 until 2021-08-14, at which point it became Debian oldstable. PureOS 9 remains based on Debian buster. It does not update to PureOS 10 (Byzantium) until Purism releases PureOS 10. PureOS 10 is based on Debian Bullseye, which is the current Debian stable. Before Bullseye was Debian stable it was Debian testing.

Debian release info: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianReleases

Thanks for pointing out the http vs https thing. However, that wasn’t the issue: my Librem 14 arrived pointing to byzantium rather than amber, and that’s the repository that hasn’t been getting many updates. (Today I see a few, but not as many as I should for Debian security updates; I will try switching to Debian directly.)

My current sources.list (before switching) is below. The Debian buster is in there for a specific older version of a package.

deb https://repo.pureos.net/pureos/ byzantium main
deb https://repo.pureos.net/pureos/ byzantium-security main
deb https://repo.pureos.net/pureos/ byzantium-updates main

# For old version of unison
deb http://deb.debian.org/debian/ buster main

I just updated Byzantium a few minutes ago. It had about 30 packages to upgrade, though admittedly a good bit were Xen packages. Nevertheless, I see a some that upgraded on my Debian 11 system this morning. (I have not done an exhaustive comparison.)

You might want to try again.

Watch out, @dpt !

I was trying to do something like you’re doing, and you risk making a FrankenDebian. See @mladen’s warning from 2018, which references the FrankenDebian info: What is the correct URL for the PureOS repository?

Good luck!

I went ahead and updated, notably adding Debian bullseye security updated. For instance, there was a kernel update in Debian this morning: https://www.debian.org/security/2021/dsa-4978

It installed about 100 packages, including the kernel update and other security fixes. I’ll investigate potential issues, thanks for the link.

It look like the PureOS updates are moving again; for instance, they just today added a fix to a Thunderbird issue that Debian fixed on Sept. 10. Here’s Debian’s report: