Questions about alternate modem_QUECTEL EM060K-GL

I recently purchased a Quectel EM060K-GL modem specifically for the 600mhz band that T-Mobile has. My evergreen Librem5 will not see this modem, no matter what I do to it. I have confirmed it is receiving power from the mainboard, have the appropriate driver installed, but the device is not appearing in any menu or terminal command.

Would there be something I could do to get this modem working?


@dos may be able to help you.

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For a question like this, sometimes it helps to provide a product link.


This is true.

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It’s a fairly big ask to know what’s going wrong but I would explore:

  • the system journal - does it show any sign of detecting the card?
  • lsusb - since the card reportedly is accessed via USB
  • information relating to the PinePhone - since it at least uses a Quectel modem

I note that you can’t even get the Specifications of this card without providing PII. Not a good start.


Support for the Quectel EM060K has been recently committed, so update your Librem 5 and let us know if it resolves your issue.


So, updated the phone, popped in the modem, and…
there is something. huzzah, but…

lsusb is showing the modem now, so there is hope. But device settings and modemmanager are still not detecting a modem. Maybe something needs to be updated on that end, I lack knowledge in how modemmanager and/or the librem5 communicates over usb audio? I wish I had more knowledge to really tinker on this, but the stock modem has been solid thus far minus a rebooting issue(i.e. modem stops working requiring a power cycle using the hardware switch about 4-7 times a day).

I have verified the modem works with my SIM on another device rulling out a defective modem.