Raspberry Pi removes default user id, 'Pi'

This worked like a charm. Thanks

For the record, if you have any cron jobs in the system crontab file and those jobs run as purism then I doubt the system will handle that i.e. you would have to edit crontab yourself.

Perhaps there are other references to purism or ~purism or both.

It could depend on how long you have had your phone. A newly flashed phone would have fewer such issues.

As mentioned within the caveats section man usermod

A newly flashed phone is not likely to have any such problems as there are no cron jobs installed by default (the last I checked). Additionally, most reasonably up to date utilities and applications that require any scheduling are likely to use systemd timers (which PureOS supports) when/where available so I would not expect it to be much of an issue going forward.

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… except for, um, old-timers like me who just use what they know.


Good to know, I’ll be interested to hear if you run into any issues related to the change, not that I’m expecting it.

Then that would be an issue brought by yourself, so it’d be on you update/correct it.

I myself stayed in the happy safe place of sticking to the tools and utilities that I knew well and had been using for many years. However, it occurred to me that at some point many if not all of these tools and utilities will become deprecated and may disappear all together. Additionally, it becomes very difficult to impossible to efficiently and effectively troubleshoot a modern system with older tools.