Reddit: "Don't use PureOS or the Librem 5"


to “cut power” means that the electrical circuit is interuppted at the hardware level - that’s what the PHYSICAL switches are for - the electrical current can’t reach the what-have-you sensor so it can’t function (it’s not just disabled through software which can be exploited if it’s not free-software)


please forgive my ignorance but what is ‘‘G/F/M/A’’?


it’s not your ignorance nor mine. i prefer to use the initial letter in the big-tech names to not give course to anyone to use (be interested in) them if he doesn’t already get what i mean by using the short version.


Dead on accurate. I get into arguments all the time and people try to play that game. It’s so lazy.


This person keeps conflating security and privacy. You can have a more private system that Hass less security. And you can have a very secure system that is terrible for privacy. Security can always be improved on with software changes. Privacy is another matter if an admin or company is controlling the device you can never make it more private.


Well there is a concern that the vibration sensor can interpretate vibration data into text via the sensor . But allegedly lockdown mode is suppose to cut power to other sensors . I just hope the vib sensor is one of them .


See I knew it could turn off sensors in lockdown but that is confirmed it turns off ALL sensors ?


Yes, all. Just read the above article, it’s really interesting.

Also, that dude on reddit got his facts wrong on using the sensor as a mic. As several people pointed out over on reddit, researchers could not really record conversions. It’s a lot of uninformed FUD.


How Lockdown Mode Works

To trigger Lockdown Mode, just switch all three kill switches off. When in Lockdown Mode, in addition to powering off the cameras, microphone, WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular baseband we also cut power to GNSS, IMU, and ambient light and proximity sensors. Lockdown Mode leaves you with a perfectly usable portable computer, just with all tracking sensors and other hardware disabled. If you switch any of the hardware kill switches back on, the hardware that corresponds to that switch powers on along with GNSS, IMU, and ambient light and proximity sensors.


Yeah, i know, i said “that’s good”. :upside_down_face:



I think it goes like this:
A=could be Apple or Amazon?


My favorite acronym for the tech giants is probably G-MAFIA

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Amazon


There’s also FANG = Facebook Apple (or Amazon) Netflix Google (typically used in investment circles).


They usually say FAANG for both, never heard anyone say only FANG.


FANG was the original. (It made more sense in the context of “G-MAFIA”.) They get their teeth into your personal information.