Reflashing Roadblock

The L5 I have, needs to be reflashed. I updated it the other day and that was before the fix was released a few hours later. So I got a brick with a black screen, like so many others. When I do a live USB of PureOS, the system doesn’t see the WIFI card on my machine, so that’s a dead end without internet.

Is there any other way to reflash?

Save your L5 for now till Gnu PureOS-Crimson. Then reburn.

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Did you try Ctrl-alt-f1 to log into a different terminal and fix from there? You can possibly skip the reflash


How far away is Crimson?

Not much time.
@dos any ETA for?

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No, and don’t hold your breath for it. It will be done when it’s done.


I have the USB-C hub incoming, the very same one that the company sells, in route. It’s my backup plan. It doesn’t solve the long term problem.

I would like to reflash to start over, as I’m still running the same OS that came on the machine. If I learned anything about Linux based OS’s, you gotta have a flash drive ready in case you gotta reinstall just in case. I also am curious to see if the machine will run better after the reflashing.

I once formatted the computer’s harddrive instead of a flash drive by mistake. I was up and running in about 3 hours after using the dodgy wifi in a pub in Croatia. Those beers were well earned!

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It’s not a brick, it’s easily recoverable without reflash.

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Thank you very much.

:rocket: dos

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I had a similar problem to you. I was able to reflash my L5 and everything was much better. Performance, reliability, etc. Faster bootup, faster connection to wifi, vpn, etc. And, it has a smaller footprint on the drive, than the OS image that was shipped from Purism.

the hoyoki hub does work really well for me as well.

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Try Debian instead.

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Ubuntu works fine for me - uuu is available out-of-the-box with recent releases and Ubuntu is more permissive as far as impure hardware goes.

Probably not a dead end, just inconvenient. Ultimately the flash process is from a local file. So you could download everything booted normally and then make it available to the live boot.

Otherwise … WiFi dongle? Ethernet dongle? Built-in ethernet?

My opinion: Waiting for Crimson is not a plan.


I just reflashed the beast, and it seems to be running a little snappier too. Thanks to ya’ll for the support, and I feel happy I can start from scratch if I need to with the OS. I was able to do it with an Ubuntu machine I had laying around. It saved me the headache of trying to figure out why my PureOS live wasn’t detecting the wifi card in the host machine.

Linux for the win!


Do not forget to update the firmware too. See my post below for an ordered list.