Repair Parts for Librem 5 Phone


I am looking forward for getting to know Librem 5 phone and I was wondering if I would brake the screen one day, will I be able to buy a replacement somewhere? Or if after a year or three the hardware switches will require replacement, or something similar, will I be able to find parts for it? Will you release the schematics as well?


The question about parts is already being discussed (and answered by @nicole.faerber) here: Battery for Librem 5

I think that the exhaustive list of replacement parts for sale and the exact hardware support timings (will the parts be selling after three years? Five? Ten?) are still not well-defined…

As to schematics, this also already has been discussed: Librem 5 concern

Purism promises to release its Gerber files after it has recovered its development costs, so that anyone can 3D print the case and any 3rd party board builder can make the motherboard.

The schematics files for KiCAD will be released under the GPL 3.0+ when the Librem 5 is released. Here are the schematics for the Librem 5 Dev Kit:

For the Gerber files, you will need to wait until after Purism has recovered its development costs. In one interview, Todd Weaver, the Purism CEO, said that the Gerber files for version 1 of the Librem 5 will be released when version 2 comes out, but he said “in 3 years, 5 years, something like that” in another interview.

Revisiting this topic, as there are other manufacturers (some upstart) doing this and it would be nice if Purism shop didn’t forget to cover these needs: “Hi. When do we get L5 repair parts available at the Purism store?

I already have the backup battery, almost lost and broke the sim tray (would be good to have and extra or two), may need a new inner… bracket (? where the back cover clicks to)… and would like to get a back cover or two to do arts&crafts on…

Is there anyone else in need of these already - as backups or for actual replacements?