Replacement for Google Maps?

Does not look like Pure Maps is available from Flathub:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
$ flatpak remote-ls flathub | grep maps
Meteo - Know the forecast of the next hours and days with data and maps	com.gitlab.bitseater.meteo	0.9.8	stable
Laigter - Tool to generate normal, specular, occlussion and parallax maps for 2D textures	io.itch.azagaya.Laigter	1.10.1	stable
Grock - Displays geological maps of the UK.	me.leucoso.Grock	1.0.0	stable

But here it is:

Confirm that Flathub repository is installed:

Start typing “maps” in the search bar:

Find Pure Maps in the list of apps found:

Click on the app and select Install.
Wait for installation to finalize before launching.
Available flatpaks are mixed in with regular native apps if you have installed the Flathub repo. You can tell them apart by clicking on an app and looking at its description.


Thank you for the detailed reply. It looks very simple, but unfortunately the Store shows no Software Repositories:

Been like this for over half an hour. However, in the command line flatpak is able to query the repository, so I assume it is indeed installed.

Wow…that’s weird.

do you have internet access ? i see you have WiFi and BT up but no cellular (which is good) …

Note that after adding flathub via the command line, I had to reboot the phone in order to get the store app to load the flathub repository. After that, apps like Pure Maps showed up for me.