RJ 45 for eithernet?

total long shot. I personally am getting tired of the quest for the ever thinner laptop with reduction in ports. with the announcement of KRACK we get a good example of why the loss of physical Ethernet is a bad idea. Yes, i know i could just use a usb dongle, but would it not be a better idea to have this built in on a vetted chip? yes this would make the laptop thicker but should we sacarafice the added security over i am guessing about 1/4" in added thickness?


It is possible to make slim laptops with “collapsable” RJ-45 ports.

(or duckduckgo for “slip laptop ethernet”)

Hm… but this raises the question

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do you know what specific laptop that is by chance?

true and system 76 does have that connector on the Galago Pro I just wonder how sturdy the connector actually is.

It’s a Samsung Series 5 Slim, which appeared when i searched for “slim laptop ethernet” - but there are quite a few of them. And if System76 has one, I’d look there first :wink:

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i agree an eth port is a must have not an option for librem 13 and 15 too

Just so you know: The Ethernet port on a Librem is actually a thing. Maybe you find somebody who will sell their rev1 to you :wink:

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You can make a laptop thinner at the expense of dragging an adapter with you all the time. It was hilarious to look at Mac OSX hipsters forgetting their adapters or begging for adapters in 2013 and it is still a complete joke.

Wireless works well when the number of users is low, but it is still very much bandwidth limited in crowded office environments.

Laptops were good enough over a decade ago regarding weight and size as far as I am concerned. Thinner laptops are just a social signalling system these days, like wearing an expensive watch is.

If there is a docking station available for the Librem, then the need is slightly less, but walking around with an adapter is just not for me.

my working laptop is HP EliteBook 820 and having similar to Librem 13 dimensions and price has rj-45 nevertheless.
Not implying anything except it’s just a design decision, not a restriction.