Rob Braxman's review of the Librem 5

As I said before, the phone was nearly up-to-date. He may missed updates of 2-3 weeks (also 2 or 3 important ones, but that does not matter in our context).

Not so. You do not know what version updates were loaded. You guess 2-3 weeks it could be 2-3 months.

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I understand, but since the question seemed to be directed at me, I answered it from my perspective. It does not matter to me what sort of justification or reasoning is made for those that use YouTube; I stay far away from it at all times.

The big challenge that I see for the Librem 5 is the financial eco-system in which it resides.

So Google creates a phone, a software development platform customized for the sole purpose of making it easier to develop apps for that platform, gives the platform away for free, and offers to let those who use the platform make money selling their apps that they develop on that platform.

Meanwhile, the Librem 5 uses mostly outdated codecs. No one gets paid for writing apps for the Librem 5, or for adapting existing apps to work on the Librem 5. Gorden Gecko said “greed is good”. He was right. We have a worthy social purpose and a lot of altruism here, but no greed. Google app developers get paid. Librem 5 developers generally don’t get paid. Purism can steal some dollars away from hardware sales to pay a handful of app developers to build Librem 5 apps. So whereas Purism has a handfull of developers, Google has a global, well funded army of app developers, all competing and getting paid for their work… only if their software is successful and in demand. Greed is good. Purism needs to create a viable business model to compete with Google on app creation. Otherwise, neither the Librem 5 nor any other GNU Linux phone will ever provide benefits comparable to an Android phone.

Why does Purism need to do that? App developers can organize funding for themselves without financial support from Purism.

Just to show that I understand the L5 does nor operate out of the box like a spyware phone.
I am in Australia and my L5 is working perfectly now.
Here are some brickbats for you with which to bash the L5.

  1. When I got the L5 and even after loading updates I could not set Date, Time or Locale.
    I needed to install TimeDateCtl (using terminal and sudo) and set date time using sudo.
  2. I needed to download a lot of data for locales.
    3 I used Time DateCtl to sync with the NIST time server to sync date/time
  3. I did not have MMS for quite a while until I figured how to config (with others help) MMS
    My point is yes the L5 can and does have setup and config issues, out of the box, ALL of which I was able to resolve, but I am sure a spyware user will not be able to, or even expect there will be config issues out-of-the-box.

I know it because Purism ships phones up to date and because Braxman got his phone in same week where I got mine. Also most things does not require Internet or mobile connection (like Phosh, cameras, …). Time relates to the internet and to the country.

However, I’m also sure he comes from US (his website makes the decision between “English” and “English-UK” - there is no “English-US” like people would call it everywhere outside US). So all issues we can expect are those with carriers and nothing more, as far as I know.

Why “steal”? Software development is included in the price. And a lot of projects getting payed from other sources. I just think we need to reach a critical mass before more people jump in. We don’t need to compete with Android or iOS (at least I never expected this) … we just need to become what Linux became on desktop … mobile devices for few percent of people who want to avoid toxic OS and which work well in most cases. It’s still a long way and I agree that money could speed it up.

frank … are you from a cult who worships Purism? I think so. You sure sound like a cult member when you use repeatedly use stock phrases like “spyware shill” (search on “linguistic devices used by cults”; it forms a label so that cult members can easily label others as “in” or “out”).

LOL. Even desktop Linux doesn’t have the market share to worry competitors and/or advertisers. A phone that still has tons of issues isn’t making anybody nervous. Such dreams when expressed as a view toward reality is troublesome.

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Yep. My cult is Those that Abjure Despise Detest ALL makers of SPYWARE that steal our Personal Data. The whole raison d’etre of Purism is to make a PRIVACY FOCUSED phone,
When the idea was first proposed I purchased a phone and not one line of code or one piece of hardware existed. Yep now the phone exists I detest SPYWARE SHILLS like you that are doing ALL IN THEIR POWER to cast ASPERSIONS on the fantastic PURISM LIBREM 5 phone.

The OS makers said the same about Linux. LINUX NOW RUNS MOST OF THE WORLDS INTERNET SERVERS…
Apple OS and ANDROID are BOTH BASED ON LINUX . Eat your words.

Dude, I don’t need to be an employee to make accurate “guessing”. I just need to know few facts. And most important ones are known to me: Shipping date, how Purism flashs devices (they spoke about somewhere in past) and how much patches I got after first start. I was very surprised that it was up to date (maybe one or two updates during the shipping week, because DHL cannot update it :wink:).

I cannot speak for people one month before or after my delivery, but for people on the same week it’s quiet easy guessing.

PS: Please stop writing in caps. That makes it more hard to understand you than your French-English-mix.

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Apple’s operating systems (OS X, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, ipadOS, etc.) are derived from the Mach kernel, FreeBSD and NextStep, but don’t have anything to do with the Linux kernel. Apple’s WebKit which is used by the Safari web browser was originally derived from KDE’s KHTML. Here is how Wikipedia describes the Apple kernels:

The kernel of Darwin is XNU, a hybrid kernel which uses OSFMK 7.3[11] (Open Software Foundation Mach Kernel) from the OSF, various elements of FreeBSD (including the process model, network stack, and virtual file system),[12] and an object-oriented device driver API called I/O Kit.[13] The hybrid kernel design provides the flexibility of a microkernel[14][failed verificationsee discussion] and the performance of a monolithic kernel.[15]



You’re right about Android. It is an OS with a Linux kernel. But, sadly, when you talk about Google Spyware Shills, I’m assuming you’re including Android and its creator (Google) as part of “the enemy”.

You’re wrong about Apple’s OS. It’s based on Darwin (Based on BSD and NeXT’s version of Mach [also BSD derived]), not Linux. Don’t confuse Unix with GNU/Linux. Remember GNU stands for Gnu is Not Unix!!! I should note that long before I started using Linux in 1995, I used a NeXT machine! Now that was a wonderful OS and machine for its day.

I’m just saying that “The Year of the GNU/Linux Desktop” is going to precede “The Year of the GNU/Linux Phone”.

P.S. My Caps-Lock doesn’t work because I’ve been an emacs user since 1985 and all of my machines have mapped Caps-Lock to Left-Ctrl.

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The old TtADDAMoStSoPD or TADDAMSSPD for short. And do you have an official list of all of these detested makers of spyware???

The battery life sucks! Call reliability is poor. GNSS is poor and/or hard to get working. It contains proprietary firmware that is not updated with normal OS updates! The SoC and much of the hardware is proprietary! It’s insecure relative to iOS and Android!

Cults need to have something to fight against. You’re welcome.

Purism existed long before they proposed making a phone. So either you don’t know what “raison d’être” means or you don’t understand Purism’s history.

Purism did exist before they made a phone. Purism developed their OS and devices based on Privacy. Never claimed the L5 is perfect. Never claimed L5 security is perfect. Never claimed the Purism Librem 5 phone is perfectly private. But it sure beats the data privacy theft and invasion of the MS GOOGLE and Apple OS.
So I will ask a question. Why do you spend so much time and energy on beating up on the Librem 5.?
Who is paying you?

I believe there was a GNUMach . Who knows how much MACH code contains Linux code?

Hi Privacy2, [edit: I originally replied to Frank, should have replied to Privacy2]

Actually, Purism was founded to create the phone. See the Purism Origin Story. It has also been mentioned many times over the years.

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Mach predates Linux. Mach was first released in 1985. The first release of Linux was in 1991. NeXT with its Mach-based kernel was sold commercially in 1988 … before Linux was a twinkle in Linus’ eye.

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A phone was not mentioned in Purism’s corporate charter and/or registration documents. A phone was not mentioned even when it changed its registration (and essentially re-registered) when moving from Purism Inc. to Purism SPC in 2017. So, no, I reject that history revisionism.

This story was ex-post-facto fiction/advertising in my opinion that was written to help sell the Librem 5.
If you can find anything where Weaver mentioned “phones” before 2017 when he announced the crowdfunder, let me know. I’ve learned not to trust a thing Weaver says. [The Librem 5 was, according to Weaver was supposed to “start shipping” in Jan 2019 —> and then Apr 2019 → and then Q3 2019 → and then on Oct 18 2019 he said they would produce “like 50,000 units by the end of Q1 [of 2020]”. [ ]