Safely removing USB drive from L5

Speaking of the devil, I often have the opposite problem. The USB ain’t there, then a little jiggle of the USB stick, and it works. Connectors must be wearing out.

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Perhaps I understand your approach (point of view) now, hope so, as it is important feature if and when we are talking about 5.7 inch screen, as just seeing that Mobian, on PinePhone, currently uses Nemo instead of GNOME Files (as default). As I took over Type-C OTG adapter cable my USB drive with one FAT (32-bit) partition to check this, it mounted itself as /dev/sda1 (as said, on PinePhone). Couldn’t dismount this USB drive over Nemo GUI related icon, right side one. But still, here is Files Eject icon when USB drive not-mounted:
2020-12-28 08-24-59_Umounted_Upload
umount /dev/sdX1
sudo mkfs.vfat -n MOUNTEDICON /dev/sdX1
2020-12-28 09-26-56_Mounted
Mounted again (it wasn’t removed physically), this above is result, cut-out from screenshot = Eject icon without round circle, yet perhaps not usable to umount (as touch-reaction capable icon), at the moment just because of it’s of small, very small size on Librem 5 screen. Perhaps should be implemented as Umount (Eject) icon somewhere else (as bigger one) but for me this isn’t any kind of priority (at the moment), patiently waiting to receive another Linux smartphone, the one from Purism (by having other things to complete, learn or just enjoy before this happens anyway).

NOTE: By clicking MOUNTEDICON umount (eject) icon on Desktop screen will result (of course) in disappearing (no mount point specified) from Files, requiring physical removal of USB drive (in order to mount it again, if immediately needed again).

I was selecting Eject from inside the file menu. (Or Safely Remove Drive).

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or directly/through Librem 5 display? And sorry if asking to much.

Make sure you reformat to FAT 32 to be consistent. Then if same things happen reformat to a different one. I don’t think the format has anything to do with the problem. Thanks for your inputs!

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