Satellite radio programming got you feeling let down?

I know! Why not give their (lack-of-)Privacy Policy a read-through? It’s good for a few laughs: Privacy Policy | SiriusXM

Read time: :rofl:

On Wikipedia:

I used to have a subscription to SiriusXM for my car, but I canceled it years ago due to its limited music catalog (of my preferred genre) and low audio quality. (They still spam-mail me trying to entice me back; moving to a new address presented no obstacle for them.)

I’m not interested in subscribing to any music streaming service now.

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Have you unsubscribed from their email? If you have then surely this is unlawful?

Have you tried to exercise your CA-specific “right to delete”? Or are the exceptions so broad that this is, in practice, ineffective?

I see what you mean. :frowning:

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It’s postal mail. There has actually been a significant lull in those mailings, so maybe they’ve finally given up.

No, and I might need to have an account in order to initate that (if I even still have an account), or else call them on the phone.

Both of those options are odious, as this company is notorious for trying to hang on to subscribers. For one, you can’t cancel without calling them, at which point you’re subjected to endless offers of discounts of varying subscription periods - a good deal if you’re happy with the service, which I was not, for the reasons I stated. And you have to sit through all their offers and all their reminders of how wonderful they think their curated stations are as they try to make you change your mind. :joy: :no_mouth: :roll_eyes:

So I don’t want to reconfirm my existence for them. I’m content to let them waste their money on mailers. At least I successfully stopped them from calling me years ago.

When I next buy a new car, I’ll try to force the dealer to keep my information out of their hands, even if the car comes with a free trial subscription.


Ah, the old two-edged sword. On the one hand, a phone call is inherently simpler c.f. being able to hide the “unsubscribe” or whatever behind a mass of dark patterns on their web site. On the other hand, it does give them the opportunity for win-back.



Believe me, any phone call with them is full of dark patterns as well.

I started getting the postal mail years ago… after I “successfully” opted out of all their emails and phone calls. Lol…


“Dishonorable mention” from that privacy policy:

We may also receive personal data identifying you if other users of social media give us access to their profiles and you are one of their connections or “friends.”


Next time I buy a car, it will be a used one from the 90’s.
And it will even be much cheaper than the “full options no opt-out” data mining and outrageously expensive models being sold now! Or maybe a cheap Chinese EV? NO! Definitely not a good idea for privacy.


Those are the best :+1:

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And I’ve read that cars from that era are easier to repair, too.


Definitely, I fix mine all the time by myself cause you don’t have to worry about plastic and computers