Screen protector for the Librem 5

There are two available:

These two were probably designed for Dogwood which is 150mm long, so they will be short for Evergreen which is 153mm. In my opinion, it is better to wait until they are redesigned for Evergreen. More info:

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I should mention here something I didn’t know myself until talking with the rest of the team. Both the screen protectors that come on the Librem 5 are intended to be removed (typically when you remove the top one, the bottom one comes along with it naturally). They are just there to protect the screen during shipping.

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Mine’s still going strong. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, if you want to keep it on, go for it. Just some of them I’ve noticed (including mine) had pieces of dust underneath that really stand out, which takes away from just how nice this display is.


Mine was so clear and well-applied I didn’t even know it was there until I viewed the screen under different lighting. I hope Purism will stock these and other accessories soon, btw. :slightly_smiling_face:


We do stock a privacy screen, screen protector that acts a lot like laptop privacy screens in terms of restricting the viewing angle so people can’t shoulder surf as easily.


Hey Kyle, Gardiner mentions this in his review is that the same issue the dust under the protective screen?

Yes, that screen is supposed to be removed. It’s just intended to protect the screen during shipping.


Could you share what the texture is like? I know that a lot of privacy screens have a (annoying and hard to use) plastic/grip texture (similar to phones that used plastic screens before glass was popularized) instead of a smooth texture more like what you would expect on a phone’s screen…just wondering what Purism went with, if it has a good texture and works well (doesn’t dim the screen too much), I’ll probably pick one up.

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I received an e-mail from Celicious on 02/02/21 confirming that their robust line of screen protectors and privacy screens for the Librem 5 are sized for the Aspen/Birch/Chestnut/Dogwood batches with the 150mm long case, so that they will be usable but slightly short for use on the 153mm long Evergreen case.

Everyone who is interested, please ask Celicious to offer products for the Evegreen with the I put in my pitch to them.


Celicious Customer Service reported to me on 02/08/22 that their screen products are made by ViaScreens who will be making Librem 5 products for the 153mm case available on their website in the next few days.

I tried going to ViaScreen’s website, but my Firefox browser returned a security warning about an invalid certificate and I choose not to make and exception.

Waiting to hear from Celicious when they expect to have the longer Librem 5 products available.


Update: Celicious Customer Service reported to me on 02/10/21:

–ViaScreen site SSL error issue is resolved. So, I’m happy to now share the link to their Librem 5 screen protectors (nine products), currently sized for Aspen/Birch/Chestnut/Dogwood:

–ViaScreen will have their Librem 5 Evergreen products available “within the next couple of weeks”. After that, they will become available at Celicious as well.


@BrentMpls, I added your info to the community FAQ and Tested Accessories pages

I checked on 02/24/21 and ViaScreens is now offering 9 screen products for “Librem 5 Evergreen” with the 153mm case. They are also still offering 9 screen products for “Librem 5” with the 150mm case for Aspen/Birch/Chestnut/Dogwood.

In addition, they have many screen products for other Purism devices.


A protective case will also be a must have for me :rofl:
Too many accidental drops in my history…

I’ve seen suggestions of 3D printing…

For residents in the U.S… expect something in the neighborhood of $7.25 for 5-8 day shipping via DHL (or $21.68 for 2-3 days).

Noted on 03/11/21 that newegg is now offering four Celicious screen protector products for the Librem 5 Evergreen: invisible, anti-shock, anti-glare, and mild anti-glare.

Curiously, Celicious L5 Evergreen products do not yet appear on the Celicious site itself, just their nine existing products for the Aspen/Birch/Chesnut/Dogwood with the 150mm case.


Mine fits fine, but I don’t undestand the warning along the bottom, right to left in reverse:

Objects on screen are closer than they appear.

Do I have it on backwards?