Screen scale not saved


I notice that changing the scale il the screen settings is not pesisted upon reboot or shutdown.

this is a tad frustrating as the default of 200% is too big IMHO.



Agreed. Previous thread about this: Built in Display Scale

On the other hand, what would happen if the user set a scale that was so bad as to render the app that changes the scale to be unusable? By reverting on reboot, it gives the user an easy way to recover from a really bad setting.

Given the non-use of GRUB on the Librem 5, maybe it needs an emergency option on the initial lock screen so that if you break your settings (maybe not just this setting but other settings too) then you can choose to log in with default settings and then try to fix your actual settings.


the emergency is a good idea, indeed.

As a separate option the “use safe basic settings” sounds good. Re-doing settings several times a day does not, so scaling and others should stick.