Selling my L5 - located in germany

I just received my L5 some days ago. But after so much waiting, I dont need it anymore.
So I just wanna sell it for the price I payed for it.

My L5:
Original sealed L5 including a second battery with BM818-E1

Price: About 700 Euro (I payed 599 Dollar, 29 Dollar second battery, 130 Euro customs fees) plus shipping.

Just send me a message if you are interested.


Hi AndrewLucky,
I’ve send you a PM.

I’m very sorry to say, but shipping is only possible in germany. So no shipping outside of germany.
Its about problems sending goods with lithium as a private person international :frowning:

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To give some more details:
It seems that private persons cannot ship parcels containg LI batteries across the border.

Can anyone confirm this or knows a way to by pass this limitation?

li batteries in the phone or any other device, even bikes is not a problem, you just can not ship batteries only afaik.


Thanks for your reply but thats not correct.
Phoned with DHL, UPS and other transport company´s in germany. Its forbidden for privat persons to send it to an other country.

Some good information are here (in german)

So it’s the same for private people if battery or phone with battery. You find no transport company doing this for privat person. In my link is written UPS maybe works but I called them -> its forbidden. :frowning:
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One side simplified approach would be related to what is permitted in or as checked baggage (pages 8 and 9):
• “Batteries, spare/loose, including lithium batteries, …” − NO,
• “Lithium Batteries: Portable electronic devices (PED) containing lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries, …” − YES.

Questioning myself if road/sea transportation related regulation applicable − probably not for packages that private persons are about to ship (just my opinion), containing any kind of batteries.


It is not allowed to ship loose batteries, but a battery that is permanently installed in the device is something else. It is just about the individual batteries can have a short circuit or so, but best to call directly to DHL and ask. UPS also allows loose batteries. I have fortunately a commercial DHL account and may send batteries.

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Indeed: “You must be a pre-approved DHL Express account holder to ship Lithium Batteries.

I called to DHL and UPS today directly. The answer: Forbidden to send it to other country for privat persons.

By the way: There is no permanently installed batterie in the L5. And there is a second batterie in the package :wink:

Anyway… we can discuss here as much as we want. If the guys from dhl and ups tell me its not allowed, I wont do it :frowning:

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Depending on where in Deutschland you live, you could possibly meet a potential buyer near the border. :slight_smile:

Or have them travel to your city, even.

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Thats correct. So if someone from south of Denmark here, this will be possible too :slight_smile:

Thank you all for commenting on the issue.
Such regulations are very frustrating.
I keep wondering: Are the risks for transporting LI batteries different if a private person sends the parcel or if a company sends a parcel. :confounded:

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SOLD! :slight_smile: