Shipment & Interdiction protection

Dear Purism
A) Thank you for existing - it was a bad time a company like yours focused on the privacy rights of individuals in this Orwellian nightmare saw the day of light!!!:pray:
B) In view of the revelations by Edward Snowden (a true American HERO !!!) about the NSA intercepting the hardware shipments to install spyware on a regular and routine bases, is there a way of ensuring that these concerns are addressed?
C) I personally, being a non US citizen( not that being a US citizen guarantees any privacy, right or liberties in this day and age) feel pretty uncomfortable ordering an international shipment of a GREAT and rather expensive product that lands itself as a natural target for the NSA snoops.
the only two ways that I would feel comfortable is

  1. ordering your notebook locally to a US citizen and than having it hand delivered by someone I know. (relying on the legal protections and limitations in the US constitution on the surveillance of the US citizens)
    — pretty difficult and complicated in terms of logistics
  2. Picking up the laptop from the source - your physical store.
    impossible since you do not have a physical store – but also optimal as buying something in a store owned by you would serve as an ultimate guarantee of the integrity of the hardware

Lets brainstorm to address these very real issues!
What are your ideas on how to resolve the hardware integrity upon international and perhaps national shipments?

NSA Tampering with hardware
Also google articles:
NSA reportedly intercepting laptops purchased online to install spy malware
NSA TAO Intercepting packages

Like the NSA would care :rofl::joy::crazy_face::flushed::sob:

Scroll down to “Interdiction”.
If you’re serious about it, make sure to supply your secondary shipment address via encrypted mail. The whole team has GPG keys.

Earlier ideas included glittery nail polish.

:expressionless: this just proves how desperate and disinformed we really are. it also shows we have good intentions but in this day and age those good intentions are simply not enough.

the OP is concerned about how the current global economy works rightfully so but the issue remains the same. not enough critical mass for any REAL change.

if letters were easily intercepted and bugs planted 60-70 years ago then it stands to reasons that fighting and protecting ourselves from such sofisticated individuals/entities nowadays would be equally as difficult even for an expert.

truth be told we only play on the defense side with the librem key. the OP seems to ask for help regarding a more offensive/proactive/encompasing approach.

@AVPrince my advice if you really are that serious/paranoid about this issue is to skip purism entirely and go for a 100% libre certified RYF device and travel in person to pay and receive it from the person selling it.

after that you still have the INTERNET itself to worry about (ISP, global VPN data exit node logging monopolies, inteligence services, updates, tracking, etc)

make sure you are well informed regarding the CIA triad of information security. also lets not forget that from the moment we were born we were given a name by our parents and an identification number by the issuing government branch. what Hitler and his accolites did in real life compared to what living in the digital world today means - is just called practice and SPORT.