Signal / Silence on GNU+Linux : A comprehensive summary | Librem 5 app


Thank you for your intervention here!

Do you know what was the original motivation to implement Signal’s protocol in Go? (janimo’s work?)


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Thank you for the detailed explanation. Ideally if you can try to align the dbus calls to something resembling modem-manager api for sms - that should be fairly easy then to integrate into purple by Purism devs by cloning their mm-sms plugin.
The simplistic call chain used for mm is
mm_modem_messaging_create (cb) > mm_modem_messaging_create_finish > mm_sms_send
cb_dbus_signal_sms_added > mm_modem_messaging_list(cb) > mm_modem_messaging_list_finish

So in a high level it’s about putting message into a modem and asking to send it or receiving notification that new message arrived and searching for relevant sms in modem buffer.


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Hello, last time, you didn’t agree with me regarding my doubts about Signal (and Open Whisper Systems). Here is an issue opened by Privacytools on their git with detailed arguments and analyses of the problem:

Warning: it is not a question of demotivating this topic, I myself am very interested in porting Signal for Librem 5, but I think it was important to argue my opinion and not to accuse without details.

There is also another application called Jami that is croos-platform (so on Linux too) formerly called “Ring”. I would be happy to know that there is a topic about it in this forum (if so, please feel free to share the link). On the Android version, I used to have bugs and battery drain and I don’t know if it has improved since.

Anyway, thank you all for your proposals, I really enjoy your help to port Signal on the Librem 5 and find this topic very interesting.


I don’t read anything here that contradicts my previous comments.

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You ignore anything that says you’re wrong?


Silence is in F-Droid, while Signal is not. With Silence, one also does not need to rely on an external server.