SIP Phone Providers

Does anyone here know of a good and inexpensive SIP provider? Also, does anyone here know where to get a good SIP app that runs under Android and that won’t spy on you and sell your call lists? Will the Librem 5 phone dialer work as a SIP phone also?

I have been doing some reading about SIP phone service and it looks like a good way to go. I think I should be able to replace Google voice with SIP service which would be great if I can find phone client software and a SIP provider that do not spy on us.

Is anyone here using a SIP phone service?

I’m interested in finding a VoIP provider, too. It is the future, for sure. I want to get it working on my Pinephone and expect it to really be the only choice, at least in the USA.

Still, it isn’t without problems – SIP is especially vulnerable to DDoS attacks… just ask They have been getting hammered for over a week and almost certainly lost most of their of their customers.

When VoIP providers start using something like Secure SIP, I hope Purism has Calls ready.

Callcentric is a good, cheap, VOIP provider, with a lot of features that offer very granular account and robocall/telemarketer controls. It works with a variety of mobile SIP apps, as well as home phones. You can even add a basic SMS plan (sort of in beta, from what I understand…haven’t tried that). I’ve used it for my residential number for several years. I think they’re based in New York. But there are many good providers, I’m sure.

Linphone open-source SIP client is easy to set up and it works well on Android in conjunction with a VOIP provider. You can also add a free SIP account from Linphone itself that works with usernames in place of phone numbers. That’s in addition to any VOIP provider’s phone account and number that you add to it yourself.

P.S. The native dialer in Android can also incorporate SIP accounts. Open the dialer and check in the settings for Calling Accounts.

L5 will be getting SIP functionality in its dialer, also: VoLTE support progress

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Do you know if it affected actual phone service, or was it just their website?

The whole thing.

The admin portal, general website and most/all of the sip pop.

They are just recovering, and not all of the pop are back in service, and still suffer from very bad lag when in call.

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I’ve been pretty happy with JMP as a service. It uses xmpp for SMS and MMS, and I use baresip+ from f-droid for the calls.


According to Steve Gibson’s “Security Now” podcast, the ransomeware gang followed their usual modus operandi… take down their VoIP/SMS/MMS, demand one BTC. When they don’t get it, they take down the web portal to screw the customers and jack the ransom into orbit. They sound like amateurs who got hold of a large botnet.


I wish the US military would get involved to help clean up this type of thing. I read an article about how most of these black-market operators that defraud and extort people and businesses around the world are working from large calling centers in third-world countries. One or two tomahawk misses in to their fully staffed operation centers would have future potential employees asking themselves if that kind of job is really worth the risk. In some parts of the world you can operate large criminal enterprises out in the open like any job and most of those involved aren’t masterminds at all. It’s just a job for them.


Having worked for the US military for over 40 years, I know that it can be a tempting just use that force for xyz, to do some (seemingly) good thing (like hammering Ransomware as a Service Gangs). But I shudder when I heard those words. It only works when war is declared constitutionally and there are clear criteria for victory, but Congress and a long list of Presidents lack the intestinal fortitude to do so. The result is Bill Clinton bombing Sudan aspirin factories and the Forever War in South Asia.

Be careful what you wish for!


Speaking of SIP service, would it be better to swap a phone sim for a data-only sim and just use SIP? I’ve kicked the idea around but I can’t decide if its good or not.

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It depends on what you mean by “better,” but it is certainly a viable option, especially in combination with some kind of messaging app. VOIP providers are starting to provide SMS, as well, although it might not be as reliable as native mobile SMS yet. [I don’t know, myself.]

SIP calling certainly works well on Android, and has the potential to be significantly cheaper than most mobile carriers’ plans, if you can find a cheap data-only SIM. But then, there are also some ultra-cheap MVNOs that have fairly good mobile plans with lots of data.

True, and I guess I don’t know. Part of me really wants to go with the data sim, I guess because I feel that that way I’m in better control of my phone number, it would be easier to switch numbers and to have multiple numbers. But… would that be better? I dunno.

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You could try a test, living with SIP on your current SIM card without changing your plan, and just see how it goes.

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I am using callcentric to receive sims as part of two factor authentication.

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Do the SMS texts appear in your SIP client?

The get forwarded to my email. I haven’t been using them for sip, but might start.

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If I am not mistaken, one can also automatically forward callcentric calls to a cell phone number, i.e. use it as a point and keep you cell phone number private (or more private).

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I use Google voice and am starting to think ahead about completely escaping the Google eco-system when I get my Librem 5. The thing that suckered me in to GV were the abundance of features. But with a SIP service, you can have those features and more without letting Google spy on you. I have Mint mobile and am happy with it. I pay $180 per year ($15/month) for unlimited calls and text, and 4GB of data each month. So adding a SIP to that would likely increase what I spend. But that is okay because I would be trading Google’s spying on me in exchange for an increase in monthly expense. Of course, the SIP provider might spy on me too. But another benefit if using the SIP might be the ability to get rid of more junk calls. With a voice SIM and Google Voice, I actually have two phone numbers and thus, I get junk calls to both lines. I suspect that with a SIP, you get much better control of your phone and also, maybe more features than Google can give you.

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I think you are right, mostly because of a lack of political will. But Donald Trump warned the Taliban that if they harmed any Americans that he would obliterate them. Then he threatened to seize Iraq’s oil fields and he killed Bagdaddy and gloated about what he did, just to prove that he meant what he said when he threatened Iraq. So no Americans in Afghanistan were harmed, until the current administration showed catastriophic weakness and incompetence. And everyone saw just recently how that worked out.


Not necessarily. Here are the rate plans for Callcentric, as a U.S. example:

They sell incoming and outgoing plans separately, so you don’t pay for what you don’t want. Pay per minute, or pay for a bundle.

(Note that when a call treatment/spam filter answers a call, that counts as minutes used.)

One thing I do is to set the ring duration a bit longer, because telemarketers usually give up after 4 or 5 rings. That way, I don’t have to talk to them or listen to the stupid voice mails they leave.

I imagine other VOIP providers have similar features.

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