Size comparison to other phones

That counts as user replaceable batteries right?


Gee, if they only used AAAA, they could probably squeeze in another 1.5 V! Ha Ha.
Perhaps the screen on this thing might be TFT rather than modern day LED as well. The picture is cute, but the idea is a bit ridiculous. Good fun though.

We just need to add a battery hump to the case, so there is enough space for some 18650 batteries.

That way people will be suitably impressed by the large lump in our pockets.


Lithium ion is certainly a nice step up from Alkaline. I would not keep even the 18650 in my pocket however given Lithium’s inherent volatility. I would not want my sweat to get anywhere near the thing! I don’t mind warm things by my privates, but not of this type!

If the battery connector is generic enough and the phone doesn’t use some obscure amp or voltage, in the future I see the possibility that the energy unit might be replaceable with something else - really anything from that AAA-joke to mini reactors (with a built in cable that you can connect to your car if it needs a jump-start [edit: scratch that, cables for defibrillation + a software AED / resuscitation instructor via gyro]). One can dream… :thinking:

How about a mini Nuclear Plant inside the phone? That might be a bit unsafe to put in your pocket and would certainly be hard to take to the airport for a trip, but it certainly is a good reductio ad absurdum here. ROTFLOL

mini open-hardware Iron-man-arc-reactor prototype for the L5 anyone ? :slight_smile:


Tell me if you find one on the market. Perhaps they have a prototype at MIT?

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yes but open-hardware it is not :sweat_smile:

I was thinking more along the lines of hydrogen fuel cell, after they’ve matured and miniaturized but I’ll take one of those too, if you find someone who has more than one to sell.

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Leaves a water trail which messes with the circuitry.

i’ll gladly share if i find one such person. who is John Galt ?