Smart tag compatible with L5

Dear Community, is there a way to use smart tag device with L5?
Eg. tag hanged to key ring so to avoid to loose keys?
And, if some HW device exists, which SW app I could install as use with my L5?
Thank you

Interesting question. A few links related to this (the first one only remotely - pun included):

It seems Ruuvi has tags that could work for this. One of the links is to their forum and there are other related threads. Manufacturer is pretty reliable (Finland), if that’s a factor, and they have sensor tags for temperature and humidity too (no idea if linux data gathering works with those) - see

[edit: forgot to add - RuuviTag is open source and it sends temp, humidity, airpressure and movement info + batterylevel]

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If you are looking for airTag replacement then probably there is none as of now.
Bluetooth may help with this in house.

But I’m looking towards LoRA (and if you are looking for long range detection)
something like: Loko-The Smallest GPS tracker with LoRa p2p communication. - Blogs - diydrones

LoRA works in browser (no need of app) or create webApp when it gnome web works correctly.

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Related: instead of having tags, I’d like to have an app that recognizes and warns if any tags are near by. No need to necessarily even pinpoint as they are not that common here. “BT proximity warning” is a bit too inclusive - would be nice to limit it to tags or unrecognizable devices, although distance / signal strength meter would be handy if pinpointing is needed. Separate thread about this: Detecting Airtags - #2 by nimji

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