Smartphone as a service

There’s also the LEO, security, and military markets (I would fit into the security market).

There are roughly 20 million desktop Linux users in the world. If Purism can get 1 out of a 1000 of those people, that would be 20,000. Probably 1% of smartphone buyers (1.5 billion per year) care about security and privacy. If Purism can get 1 out of 10,000 of those consumers, you have 150,000.

As the software gets better and Purism can demonstrate a working phone, the demand will keep growing. I don’t think Purism needs to worry about saturating demand in the market as long as it manages to ship something that has basic functionality and can last a whole day on a charge.

The Librem 5 is such a unique phone, that it will capture eyeballs, and I bet that many of the major tech sites will want to review it. I sat down and made a list of the 1050 innovations/milestones in mobile phone since 1973. I count 6 innovations in the Librem 5 that are new to mobile phones, which is makes it the most innovative phone on the market, since the Galaxy S III in 2013. I’m pretty sure that there will be a long term market for the Librem 5, because it offers features that no other model can match.