Spare power supply for Librem 13

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone found a readily available (amazon or other on-line dealer) source for spare power supplies for the Librem 13 laptop? I’d like to have a spare adapter to carry around in my bag and another for my office.


Looks like you can get one from the Crowd Supply page. I think that was a recent addition.

Librem 13 Crowd Supply page

Nice find and “official” even! I’m always a bit skeptical of the decision to purchase an after-market power supply for a high-end laptop.

As far as I know, it’s not sold on the Crowd Supply page anymore, obviously. But there are power supplies in the online shop. That said, for people who want to buy local stuff, I bought this at the local computer store.

That’s a “Thermaltake Luxa2 Universal Power Adapter EnerG Bar 65W”, and it has the particularity of supporting a fairly large variety of outlets.

It also happens to be cheaper than the official one, and has worked for me for a while, so I’m happy about the purchase.

I hope this will be useful for others! Sorry for waking up this old thread, but I figured it was worth it. :slight_smile: